"God's healing promises are based on His goodness, not on yours.  You don’t earn and deserve healing — you believe it to receive it!  You didn’t DESERVE salvation either, you received it when you believed." — Karen Jensen

God's Vision For Your Family

You may or may not have heard my own story of starting a family.  The thing is – my husband and I got pregnant on our honeymoon. Surprised?!?!  Yes we were!

The two of us had NO experience with babies.  We didn’t have baby brothers or sisters, we’d never babysat anyone under the age of 3, and if someone asked us, “Do you want to hold the baby?” we’d put our hands behind us and back away, stammering, “Uh…no thanks!”

So there was no one really less prepared to start a family than we were.

I suppose that’s why I read everything there was to read about parenting – especially the Bible.  And you know what I found out?

Even if you’re surprised by parenthood, or even if you can’t see right now how it’s all going to turn out, God has a vision and a plan for your family.

Here’s how I know:

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What Is Our Goal As Parents?

I think this is a valid question for us Christian parents to ask ourselves.  If we don’t know what we’re aiming for in raising our children, how will we know if we’ve reached it?

If your goal is to raise a perfect child, I say give that one up – there aren’t any perfect children.  (Mine are close, but even they fall short of perfection! Lol).

And if your goal is to be a perfect parent, give that one up too – you can’t do it, and you might drive your kids and yourself crazy trying to achieve it!

If your goal is to just get your kids old to enough to leave home, I’d like to ask you to aim a little higher.

I believe our goal is to raise disciples of Jesus, to help them fulfill their divine destiny as He has called them.  When that is established in their lives, everything else -- peace, joy, family, friends, provision, health -- falls into line.

Here are some ways to reach your goals in raising your children:

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7 Things Your Child’s Teacher Wishes You Knew

I don’t know about you, but I think teachers should make more money.

These days they are not only teachers but nursemaids, psychologists, safety experts, counselors, referees, interior decorators, and motivators.

They must be well versed in technology, trained for every emergency possible, and able to produce a quality education in just 6 hours a day, all on a shoestring budget.

They have a tough job.

And it’s probably not surprising to find that some of today’s best and brightest teachers only remain in their profession 4.5 years. But do you know what most teachers list as the reason they quit?  “Issues with parents.”

I think that’s a shame.  I think as parents (especially as Christian parents!), we can work together with teachers to provide our children with the best education possible.

Here are 7 ideas for making that happen:

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5 Tips For Educating Your Kids About S-E-X

In today’s day and age, sex is everywhere.

It’s blatantly displayed on TV, movies, and advertising, and we as parents need to help our kids get a godly understanding of it.  We can’t afford to leave sex education up to schools (or worse, up to our children to discover on their own).

Our children need parents who intentionally teach them biblical truths regarding sex, and who model healthy behaviors in the home.

It’s easier to shape character sooner than later in the lives of our children.  Mentoring at home can guard your kids from unhealthy attitudes or sexual addictions and a host of other problems as adults.

And we can’t just “have the talk” once or twice (like our parents did!), skimming superficially over the birds and the bees – we need to be educated and available for our kids.  We need to teach them good judgment and self-control, both qualities they will need in abundance in order to navigate through adolescence and sexual temptation.

So what can we do? Here are five tips:

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What Parent's Are Saying

“My four year old son was out of control, to the point where I had to take him out of pre-school and stay home with him. But after just a few days of applying these parenting principles, he has changed dramatically!  Now he listens and obeys, and our home is peaceful – it’s almost miraculous! I am putting him back in school and able to continue with my own schooling.  Thank you so much!”  — F.L.

“My wife and I began putting these principles into practice right away and began to see excellent results. Our children respond very well to our godly way of discipline.  So much better for us. Thank you!”    — M.L.

“I attended one of Karen's seminars and it was far above everything I expected. It has equipped me with information that I needed to properly launch my children into their destinies.” — R.T.

“I have a 2 year old daughter and I didn’t believe in spanking until I watched Parenting With a Purpose and was made to understand the biblical purpose of spanking. Now I get it!  Now my daughter will benefit every day of her life – she’ll be able to fulfill God’s purpose for her life.  My home is now peaceful and calm with a loving and obedient daughter who will grow up obeying God’s Word quickly.”   — T.O.

“I learned SO much from Parenting With a Purpose about God’s view of parenting. I especially learned about correction and why & how to do it.  I can’t imagine waiting until my child is older before taking this course.” — K.H.

“After applying these principles of correction then praying with my son afterwards, he gave me a big hug and looked straight into my eyes and said, ‘I love you, Mom!’ I just melted.  He is 3 and has never expressed this kind of emotion before. I have taken many parenting classes and finally one that works! I now have the skills to help my child obey me so he will obey God." — M.J.

"Our 6-year-old grandson got his first report card at school this Friday.  The teacher had only positive things to say about him.  She said he is affectionate and helpful, both to her and his fellow sutdents.  He is obedient, attentive and a good worker. His big ‘turn around’ from being a rather disobedient and whiny troublemaker began when you came to our city and taught us how to raise children God’s way. My husband and I bought your Parenting With a Purpose CDs and gave them to our daughter.  Since then our grandson has never been the same.  I am so happy.  Thank you so much for coming!"  — L.K.