"Every day that you don't read your Bible is a day that you're trying to live life in your own strength, and it's too hard for you.  The Bible is God talking to you!  Soak yourself in it." — Karen Jensen

Moving From the Crib to a “Big Kid” Bed

Like many decisions parents have to make, deciding when to move your toddler to a bed is not an exact science.

There is no “right time” to make the transition from crib to bed. Remember, you are anointed to be the parent (Luke 4:18) – seek God and His Spirit will lead you to make the decision when the time is right for your child.

It happens for most children somewhere between 1 ½ to 3 ½ years old. Some experts recommend waiting until the 3-year-old mark.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that if the railing falls below chest level when they stand up in the crib, or if they can climb over, then it’s time for a bed!

Here are some tips to help with the transition:

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When Parents Disagree

One of the challenges in a two-parent family is mom and dad agreeing with one another when it comes to issues about the kids.

Let’s face it – parents are going to disagree with each other.

But Amos 3:3 says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”

The most important thing is not being right, but rather for mom and dad to learn how to compromise and come into agreement over how to handle the issues they differ about.

And it all depends on how you approach and handle your differences.  Personally, I think it’s okay for your children to see you and your spouse having an argument — provided you manage the situation in a respectful and healthy way.

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Help Your Child Love to Learn

One of the best ways I know to instill a love of learning in your children is to help them fall in love with READING.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Readers are leaders,” and it’s true.

Reading makes children smart.  Much more than watching a screen, reading increases your child’s cognitive learning skills and their communication skills. It increases their vocabulary, their imagination, their creativity, and their information about the world around them. It makes them better spellers, better writers, and better communicators.

If you read to them aloud, it greatly hones their comprehension and listening skills, as well as increasing their self esteem as they experience security of having an adult read to them.  Besides the information they receive, reading aloud is a really effective way of building relationship with your child.

Reading also helps them develop a lifestyle of seeking information – long after they finish formal schooling, it helps them to be life-long learners.

Here are a few tips for integrating more reading time in your family:

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"The Bank of Mom is Closed!"

Not long after my youngest son graduated from college, got a job, and asked for a $100 loan until payday, I had an epiphany.

I realized that unless I put a stop to this, he would never understand the value of money, never learn how to save for emergencies, and never get ahead in life.

Unfortunately, neither of my sons had this epiphany at the same time as I did.  It took them a little bit longer to adjust to the fact that the days of parental support were over.  It was grown-up time!

SIDE NOTE: (I once had a young man – age 24 – complain to me that his parents didn’t treat him like an adult.  I asked him, “Do your parents still pay for your car insurance, your rent, and year 6 of college?” He answered yes.  I told him, “Dude, here’s how you’ll know when you’re an adult – when you’re paying for everything.” Selah).

So here’s a blog for all you parents who have kids out of school.....a few ideas for WHY and HOW to help them become happy, independent, self-sufficient adults (and help you stay out of bankruptcy court and go on a few more well-deserved vacations!)…..

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What Parent's Are Saying

“My four year old son was out of control, to the point where I had to take him out of pre-school and stay home with him. But after just a few days of applying these parenting principles, he has changed dramatically!  Now he listens and obeys, and our home is peaceful – it’s almost miraculous! I am putting him back in school and able to continue with my own schooling.  Thank you so much!”  — F.L.

“My wife and I began putting these principles into practice right away and began to see excellent results. Our children respond very well to our godly way of discipline.  So much better for us. Thank you!”    — M.L.

“I attended one of Karen's seminars and it was far above everything I expected. It has equipped me with information that I needed to properly launch my children into their destinies.” — R.T.

“I have a 2 year old daughter and I didn’t believe in spanking until I watched Parenting With a Purpose and was made to understand the biblical purpose of spanking. Now I get it!  Now my daughter will benefit every day of her life – she’ll be able to fulfill God’s purpose for her life.  My home is now peaceful and calm with a loving and obedient daughter who will grow up obeying God’s Word quickly.”   — T.O.

“I learned SO much from Parenting With a Purpose about God’s view of parenting. I especially learned about correction and why & how to do it.  I can’t imagine waiting until my child is older before taking this course.” — K.H.

“After applying these principles of correction then praying with my son afterwards, he gave me a big hug and looked straight into my eyes and said, ‘I love you, Mom!’ I just melted.  He is 3 and has never expressed this kind of emotion before. I have taken many parenting classes and finally one that works! I now have the skills to help my child obey me so he will obey God." — M.J.

"Our 6-year-old grandson got his first report card at school this Friday.  The teacher had only positive things to say about him.  She said he is affectionate and helpful, both to her and his fellow sutdents.  He is obedient, attentive and a good worker. His big ‘turn around’ from being a rather disobedient and whiny troublemaker began when you came to our city and taught us how to raise children God’s way. My husband and I bought your Parenting With a Purpose CDs and gave them to our daughter.  Since then our grandson has never been the same.  I am so happy.  Thank you so much for coming!"  — L.K.