"God's healing promises are based on His goodness, not on yours.  You don’t earn and deserve healing — you believe it to receive it!  You didn’t DESERVE salvation either, you received it when you believed." — Karen Jensen

Raising a Child With Good Manners

Have you ever prayed for your child to have divine favor? I have!

As one minister says, “A day of favor is worth 100 years of labor.” It’s true, and I want my children to have God’s favor on their lives.

But you know what I’ve noticed? Rude, selfish, disobedient, obnoxious children (or people) rarely receive favor.

It’s funny, but well-mannered people seem to garner more favor. I think favor and manners go hand in hand, and manners are basically love in action.

If you and I don’t teach our children manners, no one but us will like them. I LOVE my children, and I want people to like them!

So let’s teach them some manners. Make it fun….and keep in mind this is a PROCESS, and takes a lifetime! Here are a few ideas:

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Helping Your Kids Handle Money

If there’s one thing that every human on the planet has to deal with every day, it’s money.

And if there’s one thing we all get very little training in, it’s money!

We all learn habits and behaviors from a very young age, and it’s so important to train our children how to handle money. Robert G. Allen, the author of The One Minute Millionaire says it this way:

“Money is one of the most important subjects of your entire life. Some of life’s greatest enjoyments and most of life’s greatest disappointments stem from your decisions about money. Whether you experience great peace of mind or constant anxiety will depend on getting your finances under control.”

The first step in teaching kids about money is….

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Helping Your Kids Handle Money - Part 2, Allowance

There are some parents who think that allowance money should be linked to household chores. In other words, kids get paid for what they do around the house.

There are other parents who believe that children should be expected to help out because they are members of the family, and it’s what we do – we all help, without getting paid.

Ultimately, you get to decide which rule of thumb to follow at your house.

But here’s the deal – kids need to get an allowance. For one thing, it helps them feel good about themselves. How do you feel when you get a paycheck? Your kids will feel good that they have some money of their own to manage.

Having an allowance is also how you can help them learn to handle money from a young age, where they can make mistakes while safely at home, which is all part of the learning process.

The key to a successful allowance is structuring it right from the outset. Here are some tips:

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8 Tips For Healthier Kids

In today’s sedentary, fast-and-processed-food society, our kids are apt to be less healthy than ever before.

But they don’t have to be!

Even if we’re so busy we can’t seem to squeeze one more thing in, as parents, you and I can focus in on our kid’s health by taking just a few steps in their everyday lives.

There are really two important things to consider in helping your kids be healthier – one is good nutrition, and the other is physical movement, or exercise.

Let’s look at 4 simple suggestions for each:

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What Parent's Are Saying

“My four year old son was out of control, to the point where I had to take him out of pre-school and stay home with him. But after just a few days of applying these parenting principles, he has changed dramatically!  Now he listens and obeys, and our home is peaceful – it’s almost miraculous! I am putting him back in school and able to continue with my own schooling.  Thank you so much!”  — F.L.

“My wife and I began putting these principles into practice right away and began to see excellent results. Our children respond very well to our godly way of discipline.  So much better for us. Thank you!”    — M.L.

“I attended one of Karen's seminars and it was far above everything I expected. It has equipped me with information that I needed to properly launch my children into their destinies.” — R.T.

“I have a 2 year old daughter and I didn’t believe in spanking until I watched Parenting With a Purpose and was made to understand the biblical purpose of spanking. Now I get it!  Now my daughter will benefit every day of her life – she’ll be able to fulfill God’s purpose for her life.  My home is now peaceful and calm with a loving and obedient daughter who will grow up obeying God’s Word quickly.”   — T.O.

“I learned SO much from Parenting With a Purpose about God’s view of parenting. I especially learned about correction and why & how to do it.  I can’t imagine waiting until my child is older before taking this course.” — K.H.

“After applying these principles of correction then praying with my son afterwards, he gave me a big hug and looked straight into my eyes and said, ‘I love you, Mom!’ I just melted.  He is 3 and has never expressed this kind of emotion before. I have taken many parenting classes and finally one that works! I now have the skills to help my child obey me so he will obey God." — M.J.

"Our 6-year-old grandson got his first report card at school this Friday.  The teacher had only positive things to say about him.  She said he is affectionate and helpful, both to her and his fellow sutdents.  He is obedient, attentive and a good worker. His big ‘turn around’ from being a rather disobedient and whiny troublemaker began when you came to our city and taught us how to raise children God’s way. My husband and I bought your Parenting With a Purpose CDs and gave them to our daughter.  Since then our grandson has never been the same.  I am so happy.  Thank you so much for coming!"  — L.K.