In the Old Testament, the Spirit of God lived in a box (the ark of the covenant).  But God said, 'That's not good enough, I have to be closer to my people.'  So in His new covenant, He put His Spirit IN US! — Karen Jensen

Tap Into the Power

I have exciting news for you: you have a powerhouse inside you! It’s the Holy Spirit. He came to live in you when you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior (John 14:17).

There are untold advantages to having the very Spirit of God living inside you. He is there to reveal the things of God to you and to make sure you live in the fullness of God’s covenant, free from the curse of the enemy.

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God Wants to Increase You!

No matter what’s going on in your life right now, I want you to know that your God is a God of increase. And He wants to increase YOU! He is a God of multiplication, and He hasn’t changed.

Very often, if you’ve gone through something hard, it’s easy to you feel like you’ve lost something, like you’re in some way diminished. It can seem as though you’re on the “decrease” side of life.

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October Newsletter


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about life, it’s that nothing stays the same.

Just when you get something the way you like it – whether it’s your living room furniture, your schedule, your wardrobe, or your life plan – something changes and then you have to make adjustments.

Right now, the trees are starting to change color all around us because summer is over and autumn is here. Whether you like it or not, the weather and the environment are changing.

It took me awhile to realize that life was always going to be like that. There are seasons! So I might as well recognize my season, adjust to it, and get happy about it. You might as well too. (read more)

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