"The storms of life come to everyone — there is no greener grass.  Don't be surprised when trouble comes along — just be ready!" — Karen Jensen

Living a Life of Balance

It seems like everywhere I go lately, God’s been talking to me about living a balanced life.

We seem to live in an unbalanced world. Wouldn’t you agree? We’re so busy, we can hardly keep our heads on straight. We have more “time saving” devices than anyone in history, yet do you have any extra time? Let me know if you do!

We get so tired and stressed out, running all over the place, trying to get everything done and worrying about things that we live in a nearly burnt-out state all the time. But God doesn’t want us living that way! He wants us to live lives of peace and balance.

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When Everything Seems to Be Changing

Have you ever noticed that nothing ever stays the same?

Recently I was reminded of that here in Tulsa when Mrs. Oretha Hagin, wife of Kenneth E. Hagin, and mother of my pastor, Kenneth W. Hagin, went home to be with the Lord on June 28.

She was 89 years old, and lived a long, wonderful life – she was an example of faithfulness and love to us all, and now she is in heaven with Jesus and Brother Hagin, reaping her reward. What a wonderful promise we have, and aren’t you glad we get to spend eternity together?!

But to those of us who knew Mom Hagin and were raised up under Brother Hagin’s ministry, we will miss her, and her passing signals the end of an era. The baton has officially been passed to the next generation.

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What Are the Odds?

In today’s world, we often hear about “the odds.”  What are the odds of a certain horse winning a race…what are the odds of a certain return on your investments…what are the odds of this turning out well, or of all your dreams coming true.

And very often the answer is: not that good.

But I like to think about “the odds” with God.  What were the odds of the Red Sea parting? I’d say zero. And yet….God didn’t seem to be even slightly bothered by the odds, and went ahead and parted the Sea anyway! (Exodus 14).

What were the odds of an ax head floating on water?  Again…not very good.  But when Elisha threw a stick of faith into the water on the spot where an ax head had fallen, it floated to the top and was retrieved (2 Kings 6).

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Think Good Thoughts

Not long ago, the Lord moved on my heart to go on a “negative thoughts fast.” You may be thinking, “What in the world is a negative thoughts fast?” Well, fasting means to go without, so fasting negative thoughts means to go without thinking negatively!

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