"Every day that you don't read your Bible is a day that you're trying to live life in your own strength, and it's too hard for you.  The Bible is God talking to you!  Soak yourself in it." — Karen Jensen

Here’s the deal. God always answers yes to His promises. When you find it in the Bible, it’s a done deal. He is faithful to perform His Word, make no mistake about it (Jeremiah 1:12, Isaiah 55:11).

But when it comes to seeking His day-to-day plan for our lives – making decisions based on His specific direction for us -- it’s a good thing sometimes if He says no! He loves me, and if I'm going in the wrong direction, I want to listen to Him if He says, “No, don’t go that way!” Don’t you?

Our heavenly Father only has our best interest at heart – we can trust Him (Proverbs 3:5,6). He wants to lead and guide us into the best possible outcome. He knows our future, and when we ask Him, He will tell us yes or no which way to go. His “no” can be protection for us!

So why do we sometimes do what He tells us not do?  Why do we sometimes ignore His “no’s.” I just want to go on record as saying we shouldn’t! Seriously…things go so much better when we listen and obey if God says no.

“But I Love Him So Much!”

I see this scenario when it comes to relationships. For example, a woman might be dating a man, and will say to me, “I don’t think he is the one for me. I feel like the Lord is telling me to stop seeing him—but I love him so much!” Or they’ll say, “For years I’ve wanted to be married, and this might be my only chance.” Or they may name some other reason for not breaking it off.

I’ve even had people tell me they can’t break up with someone because it would devastate the other person or the other person has threatened to do something drastic if they do. That’s all the more reason to run fast and run far from them!

Listen, I understand—no matter who you are, what your age, or how long you’ve been seeing someone, breaking up is hard to do, just like the song says. But it’s not worth hanging onto someone (or something) when the Lord has been nudging you to let them (or it) go.

See, God only wants the best for you. I’ve seen so many lives ruined by ignoring His leading in this way. And it’s really just disobedience. It’s choosing to get out of God’s will.

Let it Go

Yes, I’m quoting another song. But it’s good advice, because I’ve seen people ignore God’s “no” in other ways, too.

I knew one woman who wanted a horse more than anything. Her husband didn’t, however. They had room for one on their property, but her husband had had horses before and knew about the work and expense involved. They didn’t have a lot of extra money at that time, and they also weren’t home a lot to take on the upkeep of a horse.

But someone offered to give her a horse, and she took it, in spite of a feeling in her spirit that she shouldn’t, and in spite of the fact her husband didn’t want one. She wanted one, bless God, so she stubbornly took it anyway. (And notice that she didn’t really ask the Lord about it—because she knew He’d say no! Oh, that is so dangerous.)

Well, of course it turned out badly, and in many different ways. Besides daily feeding and exercising (which became a huge burden with their busy schedule), the horse ended up needing a lot of veterinary care, which cost a small fortune. The wife missed a lot of work staying home to meet the vet and care for the horse, which put pressure on her job. And the whole thing put terrible financial pressure on their family, as well as her relationship with her husband. She had dishonored him by overriding his wishes, and that stood between them as a constant bone of contention.

What might seem like a blessing can turn out to be a curse if we decide to override or ignore God’s “no” (or if we don’t ask!). I don’t mean to be hard-core, but that’s just called disobedience, plain and simple. So don’t be afraid to ask Him, and don’t hesitate to let it go if He says no. He has better things in store for you.


This is an excerpt from Karen’s book “How to Make the Right Decision Every Time: 10 Keys for Finding God’s Direction” – watch the video or read the first part here.