"We can’t change anything about someone else (or what has happened), but we can choose to turn them over to God and walk forward in freedom in our own lives by forgiving." — Karen Jensen

Have you ever prayed long and hard for something, only to see someone else receive their answer but you didn't?

That can be discouraging.  But I want to encourage you today – don’t stop believing!  The devil wants you to think there’s some kind of “quota” and if someone else got blessed there’s not enough for you.  That’s so completely untrue!

Mark 11:24 says, “Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”

In other words, believe you receive your answer right when you pray.  Then it doesn’t matter what you see or what you don’t see.  It doesn’t matter what other people have or don’t have.  You have your answer because God’s Word says you have it.

Not long ago I had a single friend who was discouraged and she said to me, “Everyone else seems to be getting married, and I’m not. I try not to be mad at them but it’s so unfair. I’ve been believing much longer than they have.”

I felt compassion for her and her situation. Those are just the kinds of situations the enemy likes to use to discourage us, to get us to throw down our faith and stop believing.

But listen - does another person’s answer to prayer take anything away from you? Is there a limited supply of God’s blessings?

The answer to both those questions is no. Someone else's prayer getting answered doesn’t rob you of anything. If you’re believing for a new car and your neighbor gets one just like the one you’ve prayed to get, that doesn’t mean you won’t get one too. That isn’t the only car available.

In fact, you’re in the same line as the person who got his prayer answered! You have the same God, who loves to bless and increase you.

Instead of letting the other person’s answer to prayer discourage you, rejoice with him! Romans 12:15 says, “Rejoice with those who rejoice.” Rejoicing keeps you in position to receive.

He’s Still Working

God knows exactly how to get the desires of your heart to you (Psalm 34:7). He’s still working on it.  Faith says, “No matter what I see all around me, I know God is performing His Word on my behalf even this minute.”

And He’s not worried about the “how” – so you shouldn’t be either!  Keep believing His Word and don’t be moved what’s happening (or not happening) in someone else’s life.

There is no need to be jealous of someone who gets blessed or gets their prayer answered. Your heavenly Father hasn’t taken His attention off you and switched it exclusively to the other person. He still knows exactly where you are and exactly how to answer your prayer.  He’s paying full attention to you, I promise.

Think of it this way: if God’s answered someone else’s prayer it just means He’s still in the prayer-answering business, so He will answer you too!

TAKE ACTION: Think about people who have gotten answers to their prayers when you didn't. Begin right now to rejoice for them!  And say, "Father, thank you that you're still answering prayer and I'm in the same line as they are! I believe I received my answer when I prayed, so I believe you're still working on it.  Thank you for answering my prayer too!"

This is an excerpt from Karen's book "Why God Why: What to Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense" - you can read the first part or order your copy here: http://www.karenjensen.org/index.php/why-god-why