In the Old Testament, the Spirit of God lived in a box (the ark of the covenant).  But God said, 'That's not good enough, I have to be closer to my people.'  So in His new covenant, He put His Spirit IN US! — Karen Jensen

Here’s what I’ve learned after being alive for a few years: stuff happens. Has it happened to you too? Yep - every one of us goes through “stuff.” The devil may have told you that you’re the only one, but he’s a liar! The storms of life come to everyone.

It’s what you do in the midst of the “stuff” that determines your outcome. Don’t be surprised when stuff comes, just be ready! We do that by daily refueling with the Word of God and then when everything is hitting the fan, determine to NEVER QUIT.

Now, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, or even the greatest faith woman on the planet, but there is one thing I’m pretty good at: I know how to keep going. I refuse to quit. That doesn’t sound too glamorous, but here’s the truth: if you don’t quit, you’ll win!

I suppose I learned that lesson after my first husband died when we were both only 37...

I took over pastoring our church, and raised our teenage sons as a single parent. It was scary sometimes! But I just kept putting one foot in front of the other every day and kept my focus on God, no matter how scary or messed up things looked. I wrote about it in my book Why God Why: What to Do When Life Doesn’t Make Sense and you can read the first part right here. I like to call that book “a manual for getting past the pain.

As it turned out, I got past a lot of the pain simply by continuing on – by refusing to quit, by “keeping going” until I came out on the other side. My sons and I came out on top, and a lot of that was because we just kept going in faith. You can too!

Today is Not a Life Sentence

The devil loves to tell you that your situation will always be like this. He wants you to feel like today is a life sentence, that things will never change. He knows he can’t defeat you, but he wants to discourage you so you’ll stop believing.  

It’s a lie! Today is not a life sentence, you and your loved ones will come out of this, there is a bright, victorious future ahead of you – if you keep going. If you keep believing and don’t stop.

Maybe you’ve been believing for a long time and haven’t seen an answer, or maybe your circumstances look really bad today. My best advice is: don’t stop now! There is a light at the end of the tunnel – keep going!

Anytime you hear someone say, “Well, I asked God for that but He didn’t answer,” or, “I tried believing for that but it didn’t work,” you’re listening to someone who has stopped believing at some point. God’s promise didn’t change; the person did.

Don't let that be you! Keep believing!

Keep Your Eyes on the Word

I once heard someone say that discouragement comes from fear and doubt – from believing that God is not going to do what He has promised. Many times we start out really strong in faith, but we can’t sustain it when “stuff” happens because we’re not full of God’s Word (Colossians 3:16).

The Word is where our faith to keep going comes from. When I look back at my life and see some “faith failures” I realize that the only reason I didn’t see the result I asked for was because I stopped believing God’s Word.

The “stuff” happens in order to get our eyes off the Word (Mark 4). What if we just kept believing and didn’t stop? I believe our answer would always come!

As one minister said, “If you’re prepared to stand forever, it won’t take that long.” First John 5:4 says this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith. Not our wishing and hoping, not our fearing and doubting. It’s our believing that causes the promises to come to pass, and gives us the fortitude to keep going. When you saturate your spirit in God’s Word and refuse to quit, you’ll come out on top every time!  


TAKE ACTION: Say this -“I’m going to keep believing and not stop! No matter how I feel or how things look. No matter if anyone else understands or cares. God’s Word will never fail! I’m a believer not a doubter. I will stay strong in faith, giving glory to God. I can’t lose unless I quit, and I’ll never quit! I will keep believing and not stop!”