"The storms of life come to everyone — there is no greener grass.  Don't be surprised when trouble comes along — just be ready!" — Karen Jensen

My first book Why God Why starts out with a story from New Year’s Day, 1997, when my first husband Brent went to bed before me and by the time I got there (about an hour later) he had died and gone to heaven.

As you might guess it was completely devastating, and I had questions! “Why God, why?” It didn’t make any sense to me that my big, strong 37-year-old husband who hadn’t been sick could just die without warning.

Has anything ever happened to you (or someone you know) that didn’t make sense? I think we could all say yes, and if so, then this book is for you. I call it “a manual for getting past the pain.” Here are three of the excerpt blogs from the book that readers have liked best:


  1. God is Good and the Devil is Bad. When something horrible happens, we might have questions, but there’s one thing we can know for sure: it wasn’t God who caused it, nor did He stand by and “allow” it. He is good! He doesn’t cause trouble or trauma, sickness or death. So where does trouble come from? Read here: http://karenjensen.org/index.php/media-menu/blog/395-god-is-good-and-the-devil-is-bad

 2. Someone is Praying For You. When Brent died, I learned that people I didn’t even know were praying for me. How great is that?! And here’s the thing -- right now God could be directing someone to pray for you! You’re not alone. Not only is God with you to strengthen and help you in every situation, but He’s also enlisting the help of others. Learn more here: http://www.karenjensen.org/index.php/media-menu/blog/1051-someone-is-praying-for-you-2

 3. “They Got Their Answer and I Didn’t!” Sometimes it feels like everyone’s getting their prayer answer except you. It’s even worse when they get something that you’ve been believing for! But does another person’s answer to prayer take anything away from you? Is there a limited supply of God’s blessings? No! Find out how you’re in the same line: http://www.karenjensen.org/index.php/media-menu/blog/390-they-got-their-answer-and-i-didn-t


These are excerpts from Karen’s book “Why God Why: What To Do When Life Doesn’t Make Sense” – you can (1) read the first part of the book (2) watch the message that inspired it or (3) order your own copies right here: http://www.karenjensen.org/index.php/why-god-why