"Tests are not a plot and conspiracy against you.  A test is to determine what you know, to see if you're ready for the next level (ie - a math test).  Don't moan over tests — count them all joy, and pass them!" — Karen Jensen

Do you like waiting? I don’t! Waiting is hard for everyone, but especially for crazy goal-setting people!

In today’s gotta-have-it-quick world, we want everything fast – we don’t want to wait for anything, whether it’s an order online, a drive-through latte, or the next phase of our dream to come true.

But I’ve noticed that the word “wait” appears in scripture more than once, and it’s not really bad news -- it just requires patience. Let’s face it: sometimes, like it or not, we’re in a season of waiting.

So, if you don’t know what to do, or things just aren’t happening fast enough for you, you’re in a season of preparation or waiting, let me encourage you with this today: get the most out of the time that you can. Yes, right now, today. Just go ahead and enjoy your current season. It won’t last forever, I promise!

I think too often we set our sights on a goal for our lives and we push, push, push until we get there, without enjoying the journey. If that’s you, here are three things to remember:

 1. Don’t put off being happy. It’s so easy to do this. We say things like: “I’ll be happy when…I marry the man/woman of my dreams…I get the perfect job…I’ve built my dream house…I lose 15 pounds…or [insert your own phrase here].” It’s OK to have goals and do everything you can to reach them, but remember to enjoy life along the way. Because on the day you reach that goal, then what? What if you find out reaching that goal wasn’t the end-all and be-all of happiness?

2. Enjoy every phase. It’s so important that you enjoy every step of your journey. I remember when my sons were babies, I would think, “I can’t wait until they can walk”….and then “I can’t wait until they can talk….” and "I can’t wait until they go to school.” Pretty soon I realized that time was passing at warp speed and I was missing it! I was spending so much time looking to the future that I wasn’t enjoying every moment of the now. Don’t do that! Today will never come again – squeeze every drop out of it.

3. Be prepared, it doesn’t end there. Here’s the deal: when you reach your goal, you’ll still need to use your faith. When you get married, you’ll have to live with that spouse every day for the rest of your life. When you’re working that perfect job, there will aspects of it that you don’t like. When you have that dream house it will need maintenance, or you’ll have to replace the roof, or the basement might flood. When you lose that 15 pounds it’ll take work to keep it off! That’s just life. You’ll never get to stop using your faith.

If you’re waiting on the Lord to see your next goal fulfilled, realize that He is working on your behalf even now. Give today all you got and enjoy it! There will never be another time exactly like this in your life. Keep your joy, keep your focus on Him, and enjoy everything you can along the way.

Jesus said it this way, “I came that [you] may have and enjoy life” (John 10:10 amp). It’s His will for you to enjoy your life, so determine to do it.


This is an excerpt from Karen’s book “How to Make the Right Decision Every Time: 10 Keys for Finding God’s Direction.” Watch the video or read the first part of the book here.