In the Old Testament, the Spirit of God lived in a box (the ark of the covenant).  But God said, 'That's not good enough, I have to be closer to my people.'  So in His new covenant, He put His Spirit IN US! — Karen Jensen

Karen Needs YOU!

9 ways you can help get the word out about Karen's books.


1) Buy the books. Don’t put it off until the holidays – the sooner you buy, the more book sales will attract the attention of key decision makers among the media and consumers.  Buy as many copies as you can, buy some for friends. 

Where to buy:

  • First choice:
  • Second choice: Christian bookstore nearest you (that will help Karen get her book into that store on a regular basis.)
  • Third choice: a chain bookstore like Barnes & Noble or Books a Million.

2) Share these videosEmail it to all your friends, family, and email contacts. Consider using a subject line such as: “I want you to see this” or “Got Questions?”  Let your recipients know that you recommend Karen.  Also post these videos to your social media accounts.

To share, click the vimeo icon, then, click "share" in the top right corner of the video.

3) Ask for the books everywhere books are sold (both chains and privately owned stores) even if you already have them. This helps owners and managers to know there is interest in the books, and may just cause them to order it for their store.

4) Help Karen get speaking and interview opportunities. Recommend Karen to your church, conferences, women’s groups, sizeable book clubs, and events -- or anyone you know connected with the media: newspaper or magazine editors/reporters, radio producers or hosts, TV show producers or hosts, columnists, bloggers, etc.  Send them copies of the books, or tell Karen about your connection and introduce her to them. See Invite Karen.

5) Recommend this website ( Link it to your website, blog, Facebook page, etc. Tweet about it. When Karen writes a blog post, link to it. If she tweets something great, retweet it.

6) Pray! The goal of these books are to help as many people as possible to move past their questions and pain, into the life of joy and purpose God has for them. Pray for God’s supernatural help in getting them into the hands of everyone who needs them. (Matthew 21:22, Luke 11:10, John 16:24)


7) Recommend the books. If you like them, recommend them to friends.  Talk about them, quote them, tell what you like about them.

  • On your blog
  • On Twitter
  • On your facebook page
  • To your reading club or church bookstore
  • To bookstores and specialty retailers in your town

8) Review the books.

  • Do a video review and post it to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Send your review to Karen via the contact page
  • Post reviews in blogs, book websites, social media, and especially Amazon (see below).

9) Aim for Amazon. Amazon is the big kahuna of book sellers, especially when it comes to e-books, so helping any author get found on it gives a big boost.

  • Write a review, even if the books already have quite a few or you’ve reviewed it elsewhere.  Just a few sentences will do.
  • Tag the books with a “Religion & Spirituality” or “Christian” label. You don’t have to leave a review to do this; you just need an account at Amazon. A combination of the right tags and a good sales ranking can make a book come up when customers search.
  • Give the books a thumbs up. Takes less than a second.
  • Make a Listmania list and add Karen’s books to it. This creates another avenue for new readers to find it.  It’s best to create lists around similar types of books.
  • If you have a Kindle, highlight and share some of your favorite quotes from Karen’s books. If enough people share their highlights, they’ll show up at the bottom of the books' pages.

10) Sell Karen’s books. At your events, in your church bookstore, or your product table if you travel. Click here for discount information.

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